What is Lesson Study?

Lesson study is a model of professional development which supports teacher learning through collaboration. Lesson study consists of a cycle of phases, where a group of teachers work together to plan, conduct, observe and reflect on a research lesson. Through these phases, teachers share their knowledge and experience and have the opportunity to collaboratively identify, trial and reflect on new practices. By participating in lesson study, teachers become researchers of their own practice through their investigation of innovative pedagogical approaches, with careful consideration of pupil learning. Teachers who have participated in lesson study have noted positive changes in their classroom practices and in their collaborations with colleagues. Research has also indicated that participation in lesson study has the potential to positively impact pupil learning, develop teacher knowledge and build teacher community (Lewis & Perry, 2017; Ni Shuilleabhain & Seery, 2017; Lieberman, 2009).

Our Goal: Children will be able to develop a growth mindset while working collaboratively and communicating effectively on their journey of independent lifelong learning.

Lesson Study Project in St Colmcille's NS, The Quay 2018-2019

Research Question: Would it benefit the children’s initial understanding of ‘to’ if we represented time in a linear fashion?

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Lesson Study Project 2018-2019 St Colmcille's NS

Lesson Study Project in St Colmcille's NS, The Quay 2019-2020

Our Goal: To facilitate pupils to become flexible critical thinkers who can solve problems independently using a diverse range of strategies.

Research Question: If the numbers in word problems were written as words, would pupils read the whole problem rather than focusing on the numbers?

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